Psychotherapy and Coaching for Personal Growth

Hi. I’m a clinical psychologist with many different interests.


Some of my Roles

  • Director, RICBT

  • Clinical Associate Professor, Brown University

  • Past-President, Rhode Island Psychological Association

  • Winter Study Instructor, Williams College


Psychotherapy and Coaching

  • Depression, anxiety, stress and other emotional concerns

  • Relationship and marital issues

  • Work and career issues

  • Designing and re-designing your life

My Approach

I have been immersed in how to help people grow and change for many years now. I am flexible and have many different strategies I find useful.

General Approaches

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Alliance-Oriented Therapy

  • Family Systems Theory


Some of my Sayings

If it is healthy, you will get used to it.
— Exposure therapy, in a nutshell.
Shrink the problem.
— Fight being overwhelmed by breaking things down.
Trick yourself into it.
— Inertia is a common enemy; just make contact.
Chip, chip, chip.
— Relentlessly come back to try again.


  • B.A., Williams College, Magna cum Laude

  • PhD, Yale University

  • Psychology Internship/Residency and Postdoctoral Fellowship, Brown University


Feel free to contact me.

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